Maria Badalamenti • DDS

About Our Practice

Many different things keep a person away from the dentist. Whether financial issues or fear, these factors will make sure this particular person will never set foot in a dentist office. Dr. Maria Badalamenti, DDS looks to put an end to this. Her team of trained professionals have a simple goal of making sure each and every patient receives quality treatment that is not only safe, but also affordable...

Our Services

Going to the dentist can be a real chore for some people. A mixture of financial woes and fear can potentially make this simple trip a hassle. The main goal of Dr. Maria Badalamenti’s practice is to abolish this negative stigma. At her practice, they provide quality dental work for each and every one of their patients. Badalamenti’s extensive training in implant dentistry proves that any dental issue someone may have can and will be taken care of, courtesy of her and her team of trained professionals. There are many dental offices that look to get their patients in and out as quickly as possible, but not this practice. Dr. Badalamenti takes pride in the fact that she spends more than enough time with each of her patients.